MTCC partners with the following organizations and funders:

  • The Corporation for National and Community Service for the MTCC AmeriCorps*VISTA project, the 9-11 Day of Service and Remembrance Initiative, the Compact Service Corps AmeriCorps program, and the MLK Jr. Day of Service.
  • Colorado Campus Compact: CCC is the lead grantee Compact for the Compact Service Corps AmeriCorps program which is a seven-state (Arizona, Colorado, North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska), regional program engaging college student AmeriCorps in critical community needs in education, health care and the nonprofit sector.
  • The American Red Cross of Montana: ARCMT and MTCC are partners on the Ready Campus Initiative, funded with a CNCS 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance grant.
  • The Montana College Access Network: MTCC is one of several organizations (TRiO funded programs, Montana GEAR UP, the Montana Office of Public Instruction, Student Assistance Foundation, etc.) seeking to increase access to postsecondary education for more Montanans;
    Serve Montana and the Montana Commission on Community Service: MTCC works closely to coordinate its service activities with the Montana Commission, to deepen the impact of students service, and raise awareness of the service happening from Montana’s colleges and universities


MTCC VISTA projects are based on strong partnerships. Rooted in the community building lifecycle, MTCC VISTA projects assess campus/community resources, ultimately connecting those resources with community needs. It is through this process that partners are identified and invited to be a part of MTCC VISTA projects.

MTCC VISTA is nothing; if not collaborative. We are always seeking new partners to support MTCC VISTA projects. Long-lasting meaningful change comes through community-wide support and buy-in.

In addition to MTCC’s network of campuses that are participating in MTCC VISTA, the following partners are currently involved in programming:

Ways that your organization or campus can be a part of the movement:

  • Serve on an advisory committee of a MTCC VISTA project
  • Apply to host a MTCC VISTA with your organization/campus
  • Provide guidance/direction/expertise to a MTCC VISTA project
  • Provide office space/living accommodations for a VISTA member
  • Donate to MTCC VISTA to help provide scholarships for high need MTCC VISTA host sites

To learn more about how to become a partner with a MTCC VISTA project contact MTCC's Program Manager Jon Stephani.