Network Office Staff and National Service Members

Brian Christianson , AmeriCorps VISTA Program Manager
Brian Christianson
Brian manages the MTCC VISTA project, MTCC's anti-poverty program which utilizes campus community partnerships to forward community-owned solutions to Montana's most pressing needs. He oversees proposals, recruitment, and training for campus and community-based VISTA placements, and he provides technical assistance to faculty and staff who wish to bring the MTCC VISTA project to their communities. Brian is a native of Minnesota, and graduate of the Univerity of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Prior to his work as a staff member with MTCC, Brian served as an AmeriCorps*VISTA (in Sand Coulee, MT) and VISTA leader (with MTCC).
Liz Higgins , AmeriCorps VISTA Leader (2013-2014)
Liz Higgins
Liz Higgins is serving as the VISTA Leader from July 2013-2014. As VISTA Leader she provides support for the MTCC AmeriCorps VISTA members serving across Montana. Liz graduated from the University of Montana with a B.A in Sociology with an emphasis in Rural and Environmental Change. Following graduation, she served as a MTCC AmeriCorps VISTA member with Great Falls College MSU in Great Falls, MT. In her year of service, she implemented a campus community garden and managed the on-campus food pantry. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, bagpiping, and exploring Montana.
Dean McGovern , Executive Director
Dean McGovern
The executive director pays primary attention toward member institution chief executive officers and is responsible for the leadership and direction of the organization. The position has a statewide focus. As director, Dean has full responsibility for the working relationship with MTCC's Board of Directors and its Executive Committee, is the Board liaison, and is responsible for the Board's organization and development. He is responsible for the Compact's fund development and for maintaining working relationships with national and other state Compacts. Dean received his baccalaureate degree in physiology from Colorado State University. He received his master's degree in public health and his doctoral degree in higher education administration from The University of Montana. He has written numerous publications and made several professional presentations in both higher education and civic engagement
Kathy Peterson , Administrative Associate
Kathy Peterson
The Administrative Associate assists with office management, billing and subcontracting procedures, as well as supporting AmeriCorps member file management and time-keeping systems. A Montana native, with a 13-year stint in Portland, OR, Kathy Peterson is currently enrolled at The University of Montana, working towards a Social Work degree. Kathy brings 15 years of clerical experience to MTCC. Her organizational skills are an asset to MTCC's network and its programs.
Jon Stephani , Training Specialist
Jon Stephani
MTCC's training specialist supports campuses by providing training, technical assistance and support for MTCC's programs and initiatives such as September 11th Day of Service and Remembrance and Ready Campus, Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, Community Building Institute and more. Jon received his B.A. in English from the University of Montana Western in Dillon Montana. He is a Montana Native born and raised in Corvallis Montana. He served two terms of service as an AmeriCorps Campus Corps Leader at the University of Montana Western.
Josh Vanek , Network Services Director
Josh Vanek
The network services director is responsible for expanding MTCC's impact across Montana and the region, and the programs offered to member institutions. Josh educates higher ed partners about program and initiative offerings and helps expand MTCC's impact in underrepresented areas. In addition, he works closely with the staff and administrators around the state and region to expand the reach of MTCC's mission. Josh received his B.A. in political science from The University of Montana in Missoula before serving in the Peace Corps in Latvia from 1997-1999. After completing his service, he returned to Missoula and served with MTCC as an AmeriCorps*VISTA Leader before joining the MTCC staff.

Montana Campus Compact AmeriCorps VISTAs serve across Montana and Wyoming. Learn more about the projects and the MTCC VISTAs below:

Deneen Pancari

Children's Museum of Bozeman

Montana State University

Deneen is developing and implementing the CMB’s Play-Learn-Grow project, with the aim of enhancing early learning opportunities in Gallatin and Park Counties.

Bozeman, MT

Matthew Shipp

Garfield Community Center

Montana State University - Billings

Matt is coordinating with MSU Billings faculty and staff and local partners to develop a new literacy center, an advisory committee, prepare a business plan, and develop external resources to support the center.

Billings, MT

Tyson Krinke

Gallatin Valley United Way

Montana State University

Tyson is developing the groundwork for creating an after-school network for Montana, with a goal of connecting all after-school programs, so they can improve quality of programs, be sustainable, and have a collective voice.

Bozeman, MT

Krysta Peterson

Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming

University of Montana

Krysta is mobilizing local partners groups, colleges and universities to create a sustainable college positive volunteer program.

Missoula, MT

Esther Yoon

Bozeman High School

Gallatin College

Esther is serving with school leadership and the Gallatin College Career Pathways adviser to target junior and seniors that have not expressed specific post-secondary plans and then engage volunteers to work those students.

Bozeman, MT

Molly Wilkins

Montana College Access Network

Flathead Valley Community College

Molly is developing resources - assessment, web resources, et al - for the Montana College Access Network to meet the needs of Montanans seeking higher education.

Helena, MT

Anne Genereux

Red Lodge Area Community Foundation

Montana State University - Billings Extended Campus

Anne is developing a youth volunteer program to connect at-risk kids to their community, a mentoring program to connect kids to caring adults, and a college access program to connect kids to hope for the future.

Red Lodge, MT

Taylor Moeller

Montana State University SmartyCats

Taylor serves with the SmartyCats Tutoring program which seeks to provide tutoring for all students at MSU to ensure academic preparedness and classroom success.

Bozeman, MT

Justin Redeen

Montana State University Office of Financial Literacy

Justin serves with the Office of Financial Education to ensure effective outreach to students identified as “target” populations for debt reduction.

Bozeman, MT

Katie Regan

Park County Community Foundation

Montana State University

Katie is establishing community action plans with local community leaders and service providers that address the strengths and opportunities regarding a strong early childhood service delivery and home visiting network.

Livingston, MT

Kelsey Nix

Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming

Montana State University Billings

Kelsey is mobilizing local partners groups, colleges and universities to create a sustainable college positive volunteer program that supports the development of all girls.

Billings, MT

Dylan German

Montana State University
Return to Learn

Dylan serves with the Return to Learn program; a comprehensive retention plan to increase graduation rates at Montana State University.

Bozeman, MT

Marissa Bremner

Blackfeet Community College Native Science Field Center

University of Montana EPSCoR

Marissa is serving with Native American college and high school age students in interdisciplinary, community-based research opportunities by establishing a local network of professionals to serve as research advisers and mentors.

Browning, MT

Ambur Cameron

Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming

University of Great Falls

Ambur is mobilizing local partners groups, colleges and universities to create a sustainable college positive volunteer program.

Great Falls, MT

Mallory Cooper

Montana Education Partnership

Helena College

Mallory is serving with a peer mentoring program to increase youth academic engagement, resiliency factors, and community school connectedness.

Helena, MT

Lacy Fiore

Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming

Flathead Valley Community College

Lacy is mobilizing local partners groups, colleges and universities to create a sustainable college positive volunteer program.

Kalispell, MT

Meg Fullam

Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming

Casper College

Meg is mobilizing local partners groups, colleges and universities to create a sustainable college positive volunteer program.

Casper, WY

Erich Hellstrom

Montana Gear UP

Montana Tech

Erich is designing, implementing and analyzing programming that supports first generation, low-income students transitioning and attending their first year of college.

Helena, MT

Alex Herlich

Salish Kootenai College Upward Bound

Alex is serving with SKC Upward Bound to increase the number of participants in the at-distance summer program and increase the number of eligible and qualified students who complete college applications.

Pablo, MT

Maureen Hopkins

Poplar High School

Fort Peck Community College

Maureen is serving in partnership with the community college and the public school to encourage students and focus them on career choices

Poplar, MT

Ellen Snyder

Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming

Gillette College

Ellen is mobilizing local partners groups, colleges and universities to create a sustainable college positive volunteer program.

Gillette, WY

Recynthia Robinson

Lewis and Clark Troops to Teachers

Montana State University

Rey is developing an in-depth knowledge base of teacher training programs available to veterans and reservists to increase the number of teachers in K-12 classrooms.

Bozeman, MT

Samantha Vernon

Global Health Equity Foundation

Montana State University Billings

Samantha is serving with the Global Health Equity Foundation to expand and strengthen current efforts to address high rates of depression and suicide in the Billings area.

Billings, MT

Adelle Yin

Carroll College

Adelle is serving with Carroll College to develop, implement and strengthen sustainable veteran support services on campus.

Helena, MT

Kristen Hollum

Red Lodge Area Community Foundation

Montana State University Billings

Kristen is creating an improved community communication infrastructure to enhance the impact of services provided throughout Carbon County.

Red Lodge, MT

Liz Higgins

Montana Campus Compact

Liz is responsible for VISTA member support and ongoing program development for the entire network of MTCC campuses.

Missoula, MT

If you have any questions regarding your term of service with MTCC, contact MTCC VISTA Leader Liz Higgins.