Building Engaged Citizens (BEC) is MTCC's signature annual event, which began in 2001. BEC has historically been a student service conference and opportunity for the Compact to provide training and professional development to students and national service members, and to examine the public purposes of higher education from a student perspective. To commemorate the tenth anniversary of the event in 2011, MTCC hosted students, faculty, and staff from institutions in North Dakota and Wyoming, as well as Montana. The event’s theme highlighted American Indian perspectives on service, and featured speakers and trainers from the higher education and nonprofit sector. The event, which took place at City College in Billings, was part of the Jenzabar Foundation's Best In Class initiative. Funding for BEC was provided by the Jenzabar Foundation, the Corporation for National & Community Service, and the Montana Commission on Service. The 2011 event marked the largest BEC attendance in history, with five tribal colleges, eight state universities, and two community colleges represented.