As polarization and disaffection threaten to damage our democracy permanently, we must prepare students to engage effectively and constructively in public life. Education for Democracy is an important new non-partisan initiative designed to help heal and reinvigorate our democracy.

Education for Democracy has the potential to reach more than 6 million students — one third of undergraduates in the country — at more than 1,000 public, private, two-year, and four-year institutions. Education for Democracy aims to build the knowledge, skills, and motivations to catalyze responsible and effective student participation in public life and policy.

Education for Democracy consists of six core components, each focused on a critical aspect of democratic learning. Additional tools and resrouces can be found on the Education For Democracy landing page.

  • Student Voting Matters
  • Democracy In Principle And Practice
  • Deliberation For Our Shared Future
  • Media Fact And Fiction
  • Student Leadership For Democracy
  • Teaching For Democracy

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