MTCC's AmeriCorps program launched in fall of 2015 with support from the Serve Montana and the Corporation for National & Community Service. The program supports college access and success work across Montana by deploying full time AmeriCorps Leaders and part-time college student AmeriCorps members who provide coaching and support to first generation and low income K-12 students and families. AmeriCorps members serving with the program provide a variety of direct service activities, supporting youth-focused programming, college application nights, FAFSA applications, and norming the idea and practice of going to college.

Host a Summer MTCC AmeriCorps member--Application Deadline March 15, 2019

Click here to apply to host a Summer AmeriCorps member

Host an MTCC AmeriCorps Team --

Affiliate campuses and their partners are encouraged to apply to host an MTCC AmeriCorps Team to support college access and success programming. MTCC AmeriCorps teams are dedicated to encouraging students and families to consider, plan for, and apply for post secondary education.

    Step One:
    In order to apply, first download the following application materials: MTCC AmeriCorps Application MOU and Attachments. (You will upload these forms on Submittable as part of the application.)

    Step Two:
    Our application is hosted on Submittable. To apply you will need to register on Submittable. It takes only a few minutes to register, requiring only your name, email address and password for registering.

    Step Three:
    Click here to apply to host a MTCC AmeriCorps team.

    Montana Campus Compact AmeriCorps Teams serve throughout the state and are focused student success and college access.

    MTCC AmeriCorps Leaders serve full-time for one year, September 1-August 31 at the host site and they recruit from the local college campus for Team Members to serve 300 hours in support of college access and student success programming serving directly with K-12 youth. Leader earn an Education award of $6,095.

    MTCC AmeriCorps Teams member earn an Education Award of $1,289.95 upon successful completion of 300 hours of service. This opportunity is open to work-study eligible students, interns, practicums or volunteers. They will serve with youth on student-success and college-access focused programming.

    As an added bonus, some Montana campuses may also match the education award (e.g. University of Montana matches $1,000.)

    Dannette Fadness, AmeriCorps Manager



    Photo above right: Noah Davis, MTCC AmeriCorps Leader engaging 1st grade students in a service project to honor vets on Veterans Day at Ramsey elementary school.

    Additional Site Application materials:

    MTCC AmeriCorps Leader Position Description

    Photo above: MTCC AmeriCorps Leader celebrating AmeriCorps Week at ServeMontana Symposium.

    Photo above: Swearing in our 2016-2017 MTCC AmeriCorps Leaders