The following are part time AmeriCorps Team Member positions available for the 2018-19 service year, listed alphabetically by city. AmeriCorps Team Members serve K-12 youth by normalizing college going, providing mentoring, and increasing student success and college access. Your service will enrich the lives of those you serve and leave lasting impacts on these students, families and Montana communities as well as help to alleviate poverty through attaining higher education. Candidates must be 17 years of age and be current college students (work-study, internship, volunteer or practicum). Team Members will complete 300 service hours during the academic year or before August 31, 2019.


Montana Tech Serve this year by engaging first generation, low income youth in mentoring activities designed to help them succeed in school and motive them to plan for and pursue post-secondary education.

The Montana Tech AmeriCorps Team Members will collaborate with local partner schools and organizations to promote and facilitate college positive activities for k-12 youth. The team will work together to implement various projects, including but not limited to: engaging students in school and after school mentoring at partner schools and organizations, delivering college access curriculum such as financial literacy workshops, facilitating a summer nudging program encouraging post-secondary enrollment for recent high school graduates, recruiting and supporting college students as college positive volunteers to strengthen service projects and college access programming, assisting with/participating in required national days of service projects, and engaging students in community service projects to encourage civic and community engagement. To serve this year with Montana Tech, apply here.


Montana State University – Northern Serve this year by mentoring and supporting students at local high schools and at the Boys and Girls Club. The team will support 5 pre-college activities with high school students focusing on College Application Week and FAFSA completion working with the Financial Aid Office at MSUN. These members will serve at the Boys and Girls Club of the Hi-Line and support MSU-Northern’s college readiness initiative. The MTCC AmeriCorps Team Members will commit to serving at least 300 hours over their term of service. This position is work study eligible. Successful candidates will be passionate about creating equitable opportunities and addressing barriers for all youth to attend college. To serve with MSU-Northern, apply here.


Big Sky High Serve this year with underserved high school students normalizing college going. Engage underserved students in college access activities and involvement in parent engagement nights to help provide information to parents such as post-secondary education and FAFSA. Team members will also participate in Tier 2 and Tier 3 meetings with counselors, administrators and support staff. This will help with identification and delineation of which students would benefit the most from academic mentoring. Apply Here!

EmpowerMT Serve this year by empowering yout h to reduce prejudice, prevent violence, and resolve conflict through facilitating leadership trainings, mentoring programs, and afterschool programming. The EmpowerMT AmeriCorps Team Members will assist in developing youth leaders in violence prevention at Big Sky High School by facilitating mentoring programs for young men and LGBTQ students. The team will provide early exposure to violence prevention and leadership training through the afterschool Empowering People, Inspiring Change (EPIC) Club at local feeder schools. Large-scale school climate improvement will be aided by the organization of EmpowerMT Leadership Matters trainings for freshman, school-wide Diversity Week activities, and the recruitment of student volunteers to lead EmpowerMT programming. To serve this year with EmpowerMT, apply here.

Flagship Serve this year by engaging at-risk youth in college positive activities and healthy after school programming. The Flagship AmeriCorps Team Members will assist in mentoring youth (25-50 students at each school) and in facilitating after-school programming that engages students in learning, career readiness, and leadership activities. After-school programs will provide at-risk youth a safe place to develop new skills, boost their self-esteem, and build meaningful relationships with college positive adults. The team will also aid in volunteer recruitment and community outreach, facilitating a volunteer outreach plan with a goal of recruiting 700 volunteers to lead and assist in Flagship after-school programs for the following academic year. To serve this year with Flagship, apply here.

Historical Museum at Fort Missoula - The AmeriCorps team members will support K-12 college readiness through engaging academic programs both on our historic site and in local k-12 schools. Members will serve with the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula, Target Range School, CS Porter Middle School, and Big Sky HS. The team will engage youth from three local schools to visit the University of Montana archives/anthropology, education, or history department. The programs will help the students connect the academic departments and major, with the careers they support. The team will mentor youth to develop parts of the new exhibit at Historical Museum Fort Missoula to open in 2019, working with up to 70 students in their classroom and on site. They will create relationships with teachers to support the work on this project and guide members in how to help foster creativity, keep students on track. Work one-on-one or in small groups with students to develop exhibit ideas, go through production steps and revision. Apply Here!

spectrUM Discovery Area Serve this year by engaging preschool-8th grade youth in hands-on science activities at spectrUM Discovery Area and in spectrUM’s clubs, camps, and outreach programs. You will provide high-quality science education through the use of interactive exhibits, activities, and demonstrations. As a spectrUM Science Educator, you will serve as a role model to the High School Explainers while they grow their science and education capabilities and provide opportunities for youth attending spectrUM programs to meet with and interact with role models from the university and community to encourage college going. To serve this year with spectrUM, apply here.

Watershed Education Network Missoula’s drinking water depends on the pristine aquifer and the health of the Clark Fork River. By advancing water education activities, school field trip and science expansion for middle school and high school students, college pursuits and career readiness in natural resource fields. These all lead to better-informed, watershed literate citizens. Ensure more students have a quality experience in place-based education with water resource topics. Team Members will present Next Generation Science Standards to middle school and high school classes and engage the youth in water education activities and fieldtrip experiences as well as assist with WEN’s class lessons, and fieldtrip outlines/scripts and engage youth in these activities increasing their understanding of the science of water. Apply Here.


Salish Kootenai College Tech 4 Good - Flathead Tech4Good (FT4G) seeks to attract and recruit students with interest and emerging skills in the arts, technology, language, and community leadership to collaborate with experts from these diverse sectors to solve real world challenges besetting the community. To accomplish this, each year the SKC FT4G Co-op democratically selects a Challenge Theme within the community to solve. Then, working with key area organizations who specialize in this community need area to act as “clients”, the students and other community members will work together to use technology and art to help solve particular identified problems experienced by organizations in that sector to improve conditions and make a substantive difference for the clients and thus, the community. Apply here.


Fort Peck Community College Serve this year by working towards increasing college access and student success for area students. Poplar is the second largest town on Fort Peck Reservation and is the home to the headquarters for the Assiniboine and Sioux tribes. At Poplar High School, only 39% of students graduated in the 2015-2016 school year. The AmeriCorps team will use the resources and connections of Fort Peck Community College to support local tribal students. Various activities may include: youth sports programming, mentoring at the juvenile detention center, educational community garden projects, high school to college bridge curriculum implementation, and high school tutoring programs. To serve this year with Fort Peck Community College, apply here.


Richland County Boys & Girls Club Serve this year by engaging youth in academic mentoring at the Boys & Girls Club and local school districts to encourage student success and post-secondary enrollment. The Richland County Boys & Girls Club AmeriCorps Team Members will support first generation, low income youth through academic mentoring, civic engagement, and promoting healthy lifestyles at the Boys and Girls Club. The team will engage in variety of projects including supporting a food stability/backpack programs, delivering financial aid and scholarship workshops, assisting with college and job fairs, facilitating community and school based mentoring programs, recruiting and supporting college student volunteers to strengthen service projects and college access programming, assisting with required national days of service projects, and engaging students in community service projects to encourage civic and community engagement. The team will partner with school districts in Richland and Dawson Counties to encourage post-secondary education through financial aid workshops, college and job fairs, scholarship preparation workshops, and mentor programs. To serve with the Richland County Boys & Girls Club, Apply Here.

ADA/EOE/AA/Veteran's Preference
Reasonable accommodations are provided in the hiring process for persons with disabilities. For example, this material is available in alternative format upon request. As an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer, we encourage applications from minorities, veterans, and women. Qualified candidates may request veterans’ or disabilities preference in accordance with state law.